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February 25, 2022

TORONTO, Feb. 25, 2022 — Lumens Dental Corp. (“Lumens Dental” or the “Company”), a dental technology company working to help dentists create meaningful relationships with patients, today announced the release of a new proprietary dental software called Populatē™. Populatē™ is an artificial intelligence (AI) data software that gives dental offices better insights into targeting suitable patients. Populatē™ also provides patients with a better experience finding top-rated dentists through omnichannel engagement and data-driven marketing strategies.

The Populatē™ AI data tool has already registered over 60 patients in Toronto who have opted to share their data for a better consumer experience.

Dental patient data is collected through various channels such as opted data sets and omnichannel engagements. Dental offices that partner with Lumens Dental opt-in to share their patient info generated through data-driven marketing, allowing the Populatē™ tool to continue growing and segmenting data. Patient data collected by Populatē™ is stored securely and never sold or shared with anyone outside of the Company. Instead, Lumens Dental only shares the individualized experiences of a patient’s journey and behaviours to engage better patients that fit the dental client’s criteria.

The mission at Lumens Dental Corp. is to enhance patient-dentist relationships with emerging technology. The Company is set to continue growing the Populatē™ AI tool with new patients weekly and formally announce the launch date of Dentli™, an updated Dental Directory SaaS by Lumens Dental Corp.


Media Contact:
Tomas Henkenhaf | Chief Marketing Officer
(416) 949-6107

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