Dental Marketing TipsDental Marketing Tips for Social Media (Pt.1)

July 4, 2021

Dental Marketing Tips for Social Media

In our first segment for dental marketing tips, we will give an introduction to basic social media etiquette for dentists.

The social media team at Lumens has discovered untapped potential with these three simple tools from Instagram specifically. These resources range from stories made into highlights, geolocation, hashtags, and more! Let me guess, you probably think you already know how to use Instagram and its tools to the full potential. The truth is, we all have a small attention span when it comes to digital technology, Instagram has made frequent updates and it’s hard to always stay on-trend. (unless you are a social media guru that is)


01. Hashtags

Hashtags work well for gaining organic engagement on posts, stories, and reels. They work even better when targeted and used in a professional branding tone, this is what we like to call “social media etiquette”. Instagram’s recent update shows your account’s comment before others when selecting a post from a profile or being shown on the explore feed. A smart way which we have found gains more engagements are hiding your ugly hashtags with a relevant emoji! We prefer to use the tag “?️” emoji to let patients know, having them less likely to click on the comment.

Study the image below to see how this is done, I’m sure there will be many of you that know this however it is still being discovered as we are talking to clients.

Dental Social Media Hashtags


02. Engaging Stories

Stories have very many attributes to how you can utilize the tools for organic growth. The team at Lumens has seen a significant rise in the number of engagements to posts after sharing stories with tools such as polls, quizzes, countdowns, and hashtags. Like we said before in 01. Hashtags, there are many tools that Instagram gives you and right now there are over 15+ tools for stories alone. This can sometimes make it hard to keep up with staying consistent. We like to keep it simple over here, and found that polls, quizzes, and hashtags do the best for engagement! After creating these engaging stories, choose your best performing stories, not one you think looks the best, and pin it to highlights for continued engagement even after the story ends!


03. Geolocation for local SEO

Have you ever heard of the word SEO or search engine optimization? Many individuals think this only goes for your website. Although websites play the majority of the role in SEO, there are key elements that encompass social media and SEO growth. As you post more frequently, and the more “rich” or “high quality” your content gets, you will find it easier to rank up locally because of the indexable results on Google from posts, or geolocations from photos and stories. Our favourite tool we like to use for geolocation is Instagram stories with rich content. This is why we chose to give these three tips which are all based on the similar tools used on Instagram’s platform. Take a look below at how we have has success with increasing local SEO by geotagging on social media!

Dental Social Media Story Geolocation


These are the latest tips for dentists to grow their online presence! Look forward to the pt.2 version and make sure to subscribe for more free tips and tricks.

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