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August 27, 2021

Google Ads vs. Direct Mail Promotion for Dentists

Welcome to the year 2021, where a few clicks of a button and a valid credit card will place your business in a digital world that can be seen by thousands if not, millions of people. Canada Post also provides mailing services to small and large companies, which allows targeted direct mail promotion to any area of the city. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of Google Ads vs. Direct Mail promotion for dental offices in Toronto. 

Our synopsis

You may have a sense of where this topic is going if you have participated in Google ads or direct mail promotional strategies. Although direct mail sounds viable and looks good, the Lumens Dental team disagrees. The cost per flyer is relatively high in price, compared to Google Ads, and the amount of targeting you can achieve with Google is far more precise than sending direct mail through Canada Post.

Think about it for yourself, where do you go when searching for a new product or service? Over 95% of humans will trot to their smartphones and put in a quick Google search before their attention span dries up. With data, we know which promotional targeting works and what doesn’t.

Canada Post

Canada Post offers an easy-to-use interface that allows users to choose the areas where they want the flyers delivered. Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks to choosing your location.

For example, choosing an exact location often gives errors as it does not select the correct area most times. In addition, it is hard to understand which residential units will be the intended targets from the pre-chosen areas on the map. Also, the payment structure is difficult to understand when selecting small dynamic areas. Finally, there is no breakdown of how the final price is determined.

Below are images of the Canada Post direct mail portal. You can see how the platform is weak in targeting specific locations and determining your pricing structure.

Direct Mail Interface Canada Post

Google Ads

Google ads are hands-down the best option for promotional advertisement and gaining new patient leads. With “smart” advertisements by Google, their AI can measure users effectively. This campaign feature will detect how your patient leads are viewing your ads, making better recommendations. Below is an image of the Google ads interface and the “smart” campaign feature, auto-filling headings and descriptions for new ads users.

Google Ads New Smart Campaign

Lumens has relayed critical information to our clients, observing considerable differences in the pricing structure with Google ads vs. direct mail. As a result, we have significantly less spend on Google campaigns which generate better results than the expensive direct mail service. 

What are your experiences with Google Ads vs. Canada Post? We would love to hear from you! Please email us at with the subject: Google Ads vs. Canada Post

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