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July 1, 2021

Happy Canada Day!

Lumens Dental Corp. is proud to announce the launch of our first propriety SaaS product, kicking off a strong start for Q3.

With geolocation and machine learning algorithms, Lumens assigns a rating based on several variables, including experience, scheduling, quality of work, and pricing. The Dental Directory team works around the clock to provide patients with adequate dental services and guide them to the correct path of financial support (if needed).

We are ecstatic about the product launch. This will give our clients another channel to acquire patients organically while promoting the importance of oral healthcare. Since the inception of Lumens Dental Corp., we have made it our number one priority to revolutionize dental care with emerging technology. In 2022, our team is on track to launch a native application, increase features, and heavily upgrade the brand identity. Patient rewards and incentives will also be introduced to the platform.

Tomas Henkenhaf, Chief Marketing Officer

Dentists who are not already a client of Lumens Dental Corp. may access the platform for a low monthly fee of $79. If you are a client and noticed you are not listed, please message a success manager to place your office on the website!

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